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Frequently Asked Questions

Q          My child was screened last year. Everything was OK.  Should my child be screened every year?

A          Yes, like other childhood health issues, hearing and vision problems can begin to develop at any time for many

            different reasons. Ear infections can develop quickly, damage from loud noise, such as music players with ear phones and              medically induced hearing loss can become permanent. Some of these may be prevented through regular screenings. Loss             of the senses can be gradual and difficult for your child to relay to you. Young children may not realize that their vision or             hearing is not normal. 1 in 3 children we screen have an undetected impairment. Early detection leads to a chance at a                    better outcome.


Q          Is this not covered by OHIP?

A          A Family doctor would only refer a patient to a Specialist when concerns are suspected. Basic Audiology

            testing is not covered by OHIP unless medically referred. Comprehensive eye examination is also covered by OHIP.

            This screening service is not meant to replace either. Overall, this clinic could be considered a very

            effective addition to a child’s health awareness.


Q          Who will see my child’s hearing and vision results?

A          By participating in this clinic you are giving permission for School Screening Associaton to share the results with your                    child's education team. Our program is a co-operative effort and can improve academic performance by sharing the                      results. Simple measures like moving your child closer to the teacher or board can help immediately. Other programs                    such as ESL and Speech & Language therapy may be improved by the information found as a result of this program and                  your child may qualify for special resources. Our biggest challenge in educating our children is identifying their specific                  needs and giving them the tools they need to achieve their goals.

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